SAP and JSC “Georgian Railway” have finished the first in the former Soviet Union project of introduction SAP S/4HANA
March 01, 2017

Today, the company SAP, one of the leaders of the market of corporate programs, and the JSC “Georgian Railway” together with Soft-Rating Georgia have declared the completion of the first in the former Soviet Union project on introduction of SAP S/4HANA in railway branch. The new system will allow the company to make quickly strategic decisions and operate flexibly organizational processes. At the moment the number of users of the system already makes 500 people.

The decision on transition to SAP S/4HANA in “Georgian Railway” has been made in 2015. The booked audit has shown that incomplete automation slows down the development of the company, without allowing the management to see a complete picture of the business and to make management decisions on its basis. The main goal, designated on start of the project, became the modernization of key business-processes, from management of finances, purchases and personnel to carrying out repair works. The choice of the decision of SAP was influenced by experience of vendor with the leading world railway operators, among which there are companies from America, Europe and the CIS countries. Among them there is the largest Italian company Trenitalia, the Netherlands ProRail, the Canadian Canadian Pacific. Directly S/4HANA is used by the world brands as Bosch, Fitbit, Horizon Pharma and others.

For creation of uniform system in JSC “Georgian Railway” the complex of decisions on the basis of SAP S/4HANA –of a new generation in-memory ERP systems has been introduced. Automation has captured a number of the main and auxiliary business processes: management accounting, process of repair and technical support, personnel management have been optimized. The separate emphasis has been placed on decisions for budgeting, planning and consolidation.

The international team of bonus support SAP MaxAttention which has implemented the quality control of the introduced decision has taken part in carrying out the project, has trained the internal experts, and also has helped to complete in full the project in the allotted terms.


In future the JSC “Georgian Railway” plans:

•the further increase in number of the automated business processes;

•the creation of localization system for Georgia, into which the Georgian interface will enter and which will consider the Georgian legislation;

• the implementation of innovative projects on the basis of the concept of the Internet programs.


Moreover, the JSC “Georgian Railway” is going to certify its center of examination, which will give the chance to accompany system in the company effectively, and also to render services in introduction to the interested companies as well.


"You won't find the large company in the world not using a product of a uniform control system of SAP. This is the most famous producer in this sector and their production is especially successful in railway sector. For this reason we have stopped the choice on SAP. I want to note that we are the first company in the former Soviet Union, which has introduced a new generation of SAP. As a result, after realization of the project, the railway will have very notable results – approximately time of adoption of administrative decisions will be decrease by 10%, the main opportunities of management of the systems will considerably be improved. In general, all this will be displayed on more successful financial performance and effective administrative decisions",- has declared Mamuka Bakhtadze - the Director General of the JSC “Georgian Railway”.

"The development of the railway required management of bases at the high level. About two years ago we have begun cooperation with the Georgian railway, in order to make possible for them to operate with such big database, as bases of employees and financial performance. For management the railway required to take a high-tech decision. We have provided this product to the company and expect cooperation deepening", - has noted Alexander Arnold - the Director of work with strategic branches in the region of Central and Eastern Europe of SAP SE.

At the presentation of this project, which has taken place in Tbilisi today, there were representatives of SAP, heads of various companies and the IT directions.

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