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November 06, 2018

Since October 20, 2018, statements by private individuals and interested persons about the restrictions and delays of transporting specific cargoes to Armenia by JSC “Georgian Railways” were spread in the media; the Georgian Railway gave a comprehensive and documented answer. However, despite the widespread statement, the interested persons once again continue to spread false information. Proceeding from the abovementioned, we would like to catch these specific and interested persons in a lie again, respectively:

• ‘David and Company’ LLC lies again, when the Company Max Oil calls the Armenian side its contractor. “Max Oil” LLC applied to JSC “Georgian Railway” in writing and refused from alliance to “David and Company” LLC. (refer to document).

• Despite being changed many times the so-called “Partners” list, all companies named by ‘David and Company ‘LLC appealed to the JSC “Georgian Railway”, and all as one refused their alliance with’ David and Company” LLC (see Documents);

•Again, the goal to deceive the society is to say, that the railway transportation benefits receive offshore companies. We clarify once more, that the transportation operations are carried out by the Georgian Railway and / or its 100% subsidiaries and in both cases revenues are generated to the state budget (see the Document).

• Once again, a lie was confirmed, as if there is a freight of ” Krossline Logistics” LLC in Batumi oil terminals and that the company is charged a penalty for storing the specified cargo. According to the Krossline Logistics LLC director, the company have a loss due to the hedged price of cargo and does not have the cost of terminal services. However, it is unclear how it was possible to hedge the cost of a cargo that is not owned by the company.


Based on the abovementioned, we once again declare that a slanderous, targeted campaign is being conducted against the JSC “Georgian Railway”. Due to the high public interest, JSC “Georgian Railway” with the attached documentation, again exposed the aforementioned companies in a lie and states that from now on will respond interested parties only in the legal space.

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