The Georgian railway updated the passenger train running in the direction Borjomi-Bakuriani
January 24, 2017

Due to the increase in a flow of tourists in Daba Bakuriani, the requirement for the narrow-gauge train Borjomi-Bakuriani has also increased as well . The Georgian railway in 2016 thoroughly repaired and updated the two two-car passenger trains (four cars), the specified repair works were carried out by the Tbilisi railway car repair plant. Four cars in the conditions of a peak of a tourist season aren't enough for the full satisfaction of the requirements, accordingly, the Georgian railway at this stage on this section uses the combined rolling stocks, that is, together with the repaired cars other cars are coupled to as well. In 2017 carrying out of large volume works are planned, in particular, three two-car trains will be updated (in whole six cars). By the end of 2017 on the section Borjomi-Bakuriani only the updated cars will run, and the local population will use reduced tariffs of travel.

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