The French experts impart experience with the Georgian railwaymen in the direction of introduction of Eurodireсtives
August 04, 2017

From August 1to August 3 inclusive, in the Georgian railway has arrived the group of experts of the French railway. The French experts within the TAIEX program (Technical Assistance Information Exchange ) which is a grant of the EU, impart experience with the employees of the Georgian railway in the direction of introduction of Eurodirectives.

"The world becomes global. All companies and the organizations have to adapt to the new realities. There are fantastic opportunities that the company could come to the international level. However it is difficult. It demands a lot of time. It took us 20 years in France. We have explained to our Georgian partners, that entry into the international market is a difficult process, though, an interesting work", - Frederik Parde, the Director of the international projects of the railway of France has said.

The main Subject of discussion of the French and Georgian railway employees is the 34th Eurodirective, which concerns to the structural reform of the railway. Meetings of representatives of the railways of France and Georgia are conducted in the mode of bilateral discussion. The Georgian railway workers get consultations from one of the most successful models of Europe - from the representatives of the railway of France.

"Within the TAIEX program of the European Union, we have an opportunity to receive the French experts. Leading experts of the railway of France impart own experience in the direction of introduction of Eurodirectives. It is known that within the Association Agreement with Europe, the Georgian side has undertaken the obligation to introduce the directives and regulations in the transport sphere. From them, three are regulations and 5 directives. And in general 8 regulations are to be introduced in the sphere of the railway.

The current meetings, mainly concern the questions of the 34th directive and amendments of the 4th railway package approved by the European Commission", - Akaki Sagirashvili, the Head of the department of corporate management of the Georgian railway, has declared.

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