Explanation of the JSC “Georgian Railway” concerning groundless charges from new labor unions of railway workers.
August 09, 2017

Proceeding from the production necessity, in branch of infrastructure of the railway reorganization has been carried out. We have tried not to leave our colleagues without job, accordingly, we have offered alternative jobs. For the workers of track department, at their consent, jobs and conditions have been changed. Several employees of the railway have been transferred to the railway direction Tbilisi-Sadakhlo of the South-East region, because of the raised workload. As the company needed optimum redistribution of employees according to the need and loadings, the reorganization was carried out. The Georgian railway has held information meetings with employees, to obtain detailed information on the expected reorganization and on that alternative, which was offered to them by the company. It should be noted, that during the working meetings not a single employee has expressed a position opposite to changes. Exclusive all employees have given the written consent concerning working conditions. Meetings with employees were held also after reorganization. In particular, at a meeting on August 2nd and 4 together with the employees there were also representatives of new labor unions of railway workers T. Dvalishvili and I. Lezhava. Therefore, the statement published in a media, about refusal from the administration of the railway in cooperation and a meeting, isn't true. The railway doesn't share a claim because of their groundlessness. The transferred employees are provided with living conditions and transportation. Except those two persons, whom the members of new labor unions use for own political goals, other transferred employees carry out their own functions. In spite of the fact, that the employees mentioned in the statement of new labor unions of the railway workers a certain period avoid from the performance of the official duties, the Georgian railway still hasn't dismissed them from the office and on August 8 the Reminder, about appearance for work, once again has officially been sent to them. At the same time, that tendency, that new labor unions permanently bring unreasonable and groundless charges to the Georgian railway, is disturbing. Unfortunately, considering these circumstances, we think, that the mentioned organization is moved with the political goals and pre-election activation, that is connected with the implementation of interests of various political forces, but not with the protection of the rights of railway workers.


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