November 14, 2017

Dear railway workers!

I, first of all, would like to thank you for the support and for the selfless labor, each railway man carries out daily for the development of the railway and Georgia.

For the last four years we with common efforts could realize the vital projects for the development of the railway.

Today we can tell safely, that-: "The Georgian railway" is a part of the Great silk way. We substantiated ourselves in container transportations from China in the direction of Europe. As a result of the intensive work, we together with our partners created absolutely a new corridor - the Persian gulf - the Black Sea which, I am sure, in the long term will become one of the principal preconditions in success of our company. Together with our railway-partners and ports we created the Trans Caspian Association which offers to the world logistic market a uniform transport product by the principle of the general window.

For me the principal priority was an upgrade of the railway and the creation for our railway workers of the modern labor and professional development conditions. The Khashuri wagon depot is a good example of the hardware of the Georgian railway and I am sure that the new Manager will be able to update other important hubs at the similar level.

We with assistance of the international consultants could correct the project of modernization, therefore in 2020 on the most problem section of a pass there will be a three-fold increase in throughput and sharp reduction of a trip time.

I’d like to thank all engineers and experts, who shared a position of "The Georgian railway" concerning the bypass railway of Tbilisi. Any project, limiting the transit capacity of the country, requires the basic correction. "The Georgian railway" developed the project which is approved by the experts and public authorities. I hope, that the mentioned project will proceed as a result of coordination of interests as of the country, also the city and the railway as well.

By running of the double-decked trains of the Swiss company "Stadler" on "The Georgian railway" the new era has started." We began the project by means of which the replacement of electric locomotives of the existing park by electric locomotives with modern asynchronous engines will be implemented and I hope that this project will come to the end successfully.

For us it is especially important, that we were the first to introduce the newest corporate system of control of SAP in Europe, and besides, in the organization could launch the program of realization of initiatives of employees in limits of "the 6th sigma".

We could and created a strong basis in the direction of professional education and the social help. Since 2013 the programs of the social help has increased four times, are popular financing of the different training programs initiated by us both as in Georgia, also beyond as well. I think that the positive results concerning the educational initiatives developed for children of the railway workers were achieved and this approach has to be surely continued.

At the current stage, the main challenge of the company I consider is an integration of the railway section Marabda-Kartsakhi into the main company and the development of railway infrastructure in the direction of deep-water port of Anakliya.

I especially am proud of the fact that together with fund “Challenges of the Millennium” and the Ministry of Education we have created the most qualified railway college in the region equipped with modern technologies. I am sure that this college will grow up a lot of the worthy and qualified railway workers to Georgia.

I am glad, that the success of "The Georgian railway" was reflected on different social groups of the country as well. "The Georgian railway" for the last four years made the contribution in development of the Georgian sport and culture. It is invaluable to appraise the significance our athletes have presented to the Georgian fans.

Once again I’d like to thank each of you for the support and for the fact that you always were near. Each working day spent with you was a great honor and responsibility for me.

I have such a confidence that "The Georgian railway" is expected to have a great success ahead for the benefit of the country and the nation!


Mamuka Bakhtadze

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