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  JSC “Georgian Railway” invites the interested companies for the purpose of the expression of interest in the edition of the periodic logbook intended for the passengers
  15 March 2018
  For students' attention
  21 February 2018
  Statement of the JSC “Georgian Railway”
  01 February 2018
  Transportation of passengers for JSC «Georgian Railway» was always the priority direction
  25 January 2018
  25 January 2018
  The Silk Road Forum II was held in Tbilisi
  30 November 2017
  Purchase of passenger tickets of "The Georgian railway" is already possible by means of mobile applications
  27 November 2017
  Works on digging of the largest in Georgia railway tunnel are completed
  21 November 2017
  Statement of the JSC "Georgian railway"
  06 November 2017
  "The Georgian railway" has celebrated a professional holiday
  10 October 2017
  Statement of the JSC" Georgian railway"
  30 September 2017
  On "The Georgian railway" the action of disinterested donation of blood has been carried out
  29 September 2017
  International Conference "Argus Caspian-Black Sea Transport Corridor -2017" was held in Batumi on September 14-15
  19 September 2017
  Statement of the JSC" Georgian railway"
  24 August 2017
  Due to the events developed around JSC “Georgian railway” we declare the following:
  21 August 2017
  Explanation of the JSC “Georgian Railway” concerning groundless charges from new labor unions of railway workers.
  09 August 2017
  The French experts impart experience with the Georgian railwaymen in the direction of introduction of Eurodireсtives
  04 August 2017
  Today, the Georgian railway, took part in an action "You Too Plant a Tree "
  27 May 2017
  Surprise of the Georgian Railway
  26 May 2017
  The Statement of the JSC "Georgian Railway"
  24 May 2017
  A new, high-platform railway station was built near the concert hall "Black Sea Arena".
  20 May 2017
  Statement of the Railway
  17 May 2017
  Statement of the joint-stock company of" the Georgian railroad"
  17 May 2017
  The Georgian railway introduces a new service for carriers
  12 May 2017
  Information for Students!
  01 May 2017
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