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  For summer season Georgian Railway has appointed additional trains
  28 June 2018
  Statement of the Georgian Railway
  26 June 2018
  Statement of the Georgian Railway
  18 June 2018
  Georgian Railway and Deutsche Bahn officially become partners
  14 June 2018
  Georgian Railway is going to introduce new regulations
  06 June 2018
  Georgian Railway has participated in the "Krinitsa Economic Forum"
  28 May 2018
  Service of Multimodal freight transportation by joint project of Georgian and German Railways
  18 May 2018
  Batumi - "Black Sea Arena", - the additional train "Black Sea Arena"- Batumi is appointed
  17 May 2018
  SIEMENS delegation visited Georgian Railway
  16 May 2018
  At Enio Moricone’s concert trains will stop at the Black Sea Arena
  16 May 2018
  Kobuleti station rehabilitation works are completed
  14 May 2018
  Statement of the Georgian Railway
  08 May 2018
  Georgian Railway appoints the additional train on the day of Enrio Morikone’s concert
  07 May 2018
  Georgian Railway is moving to the modern system of lighting
  23 April 2018
  Director General of The Georgian Railway had an official visit to China.
  17 April 2018
  News on Kharagauli -Lashe section
  13 April 2018
  The Director General of the Georgian Railways has received the Chinese delegation
  04 April 2018
  An additional train has been appointed on Easter
  02 April 2018
  Vaccinatio at the Georgian Railway
  29 March 2018
  For students' attention
  21 February 2018
  Statement of the JSC “Georgian Railway”
  01 February 2018
  Transportation of passengers for JSC «Georgian Railway» was always the priority direction
  25 January 2018
  25 January 2018
  The Silk Road Forum II was held in Tbilisi
  30 November 2017
  Purchase of passenger tickets of "The Georgian railway" is already possible by means of mobile applications
  27 November 2017
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